Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I am the tired and crazy busy mama of two beautiful and intelligent kids. I am still trying to figure how to deal with the chaotic, exhausting day that a stay at home mom brings. I want to help new parents with questions on the different and the normal issues of taking care of their little ones. Being a parent is exhausting and I hope to answer questions to parents that have the same questions I had as a new parent. I remember just surfing the Internet at 4 am looking for answers when my littles wouldn’t sleep or wouldn’t eat. I want to give confidence and also find confidence in the parent world.

I love writing, so in this little space of the Internet I will also post recipes, and random thoughts I have about family life. Some are funny and some are serious. Because let’s face you wear many hats being a parent and having humor will make the journey of being a parent so much easier.

Come back often.

twitter: mama@thisparentslife