My Usborne Books and More experience 

My Usborne Books and More experience 


Have you heard of Usborne Books and More? It’s a fabulous company that sells books. They offer so many types. Lots of supplemental books for homeschooling. So many reference books and encyclopedias that you would want in your library. Early readers and intro into phonics. Activity, coloring and sticker books for those long car rides. Fiction from pre-reader to high school. I could spend hours on how great they are.

I attended a Facebook party , yes a party of Facebook, and bought a few and thought wow this is such a cool company to work for. The party itself was about an hour. The hostess has us answer fun trivia questions and everyone was entered to win a drawing for a free book. The hostess also posted pictures of different books that we might be interested in. She was very knowledgable if we had any questions. It was fun for a Tuesday night!

So I joined. I come from a family of readers and I want my family now to do the same. And Usborne offers so much material. I’ve been stocking up on their activity books for our vacation coming up. Did I mention a lot of the books are under $10 bucks!

For the next month or so I can offer double free books for throwing a Facebook party. My last hostess earned $120.00 in free books. That’s a lot of books for the summer! The only thing you have to do is invite friends, I do the rest.


If you are interested in throwing a party or just have some questions contact me. My last hostess earned $120.00 in free books. That’s a lot of books! You can also check out my book site by clicking Here!

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